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Redpath Sugar Increases Production Capacity to Meet Growing Demand in Canada's Food Manufacturing Industry

December 13, 2023

Press Release

TORONTO (December 13, 2023) – Redpath Sugar proudly announces the successful expansion of its Toronto cane sugar refinery as a strategic response to the growth in demand in Canada's thriving food manufacturing sector.

Redpath Sugar’s investment in the state-of-the-art initiative, which increases the Toronto Refinery’s capacity by approximately 65,000 metric tonnes, ensures the company’s continued superior service to its customers.

"With Canada's food manufacturing industry experiencing strong growth, we recognized the importance of increasing our production to meet the escalating demands of our valued customers," said Cyril Ryan, Senior Vice President of Redpath Sugar. "This capacity expansion is a testament to our commitment to being at the forefront of providing high-quality sugar products and maintaining the trust that our customers have placed in us for 170 years."

The refinery’s expansion project is evidence of Redpath’s dedication to ensuring a continuous and reliable supply of sugar to the nation's food makers. The project was planned and executed by Redpath Sugar’s team of engineers who have a proven track record in managing large-scale refinery initiatives. Through innovation, efficiency and adherence to stringent quality standards, the team at Redpath Sugar completed the project ahead of schedule, marking a significant milestone for the company and its stakeholders.

In addition to increasing the capacity of Canada’s largest sugar refinery, the expansion project also improved process efficiencies and sustainable practices that contribute to Redpath Sugar’s sustainability goals. The company’s dedication to sustainability aligns with its broader mission of contributing to a greener and more sustainable future for Canada's food industry. As part of its pledge, Redpath launched its Sustainably Sourced-Ethically Grown program two years ago that requires all its raw sugar supply partners to respect and work towards the highest environmental, social and governance standards. The company ensures its suppliers meet these rigorous requirements through internationally recognized certifications or verifications.

This is the first phase of multiple projects that Redpath is considering to address the growing Canadian market. Continuous improvement projects implemented alongside the refinery expansion project are also yielding impressive increases in daily output while conserving water and energy. 

“Our company is dynamic,” said Ryan. “Our amazing team challenges themselves each day to make our processes better so we can produce more sugar for our customers in ways that help protect our planet. This is an exciting phase for Redpath Sugar and our long, proud history in Canada.”

The company and the Toronto Refinery’s more than 300 employees remain committed to continuously improving its operations and its iconic Redpath® Sugar products to cater to the evolving needs of the Canadian food industry.


About Redpath Sugar:

Redpath Sugar, a member of ASR Group, founded in 1854, is one of Canada's most established and reputable sugar companies. With a legacy spanning 170 years, the company has been an integral part of Canada's food industry. Redpath Sugar is committed to producing the finest quality sugar products while upholding environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility.

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