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Redpath Refinery in Toronto Recognized for Energy Conservation Achievements

July 10, 2023

Blog Article

ASR Group is pleased to have been honored by Enbridge, the energy provider for our Redpath Refinery in Toronto, in recognition of the plant’s outstanding energy conservation efforts. 

“Enbridge is a leading energy delivery company that is committed to promoting sustainable practices and reducing its environmental impact,” said Himanshu Shah, Sustainability Engineer II at the Toronto Refinery. “Their recognition of our organization's energy conservation efforts is a testament to our commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible resource management.”

Among the efforts we have been recognized for is a series of initiatives to reduce our energy consumption and promote efficiency across our operations. These initiatives have included weekly energy reviews; comprehensive energy audits that helped us develop targeted strategies to reduce our energy consumption; and optimizing our machinery and equipment to conserve energy and extend the lifespan of our equipment.

These initiatives, combined with the dedication and collaboration of our employees, have yielded remarkable results for one of our key vision and strategy pillars, Efficiency & Sustainability.

“The Enbridge plaque serves as a recognition and encouragement for our accomplishments in the field of energy conservation,” said Process Technical Manager Narayanan Seshadri. “It highlights our commitment to sustainability and sets us apart as a responsible corporate citizen. Moreover, this recognition reinforces our reputation as an environmentally conscious organization, which can have positive implications for our relationships with clients, partners and the community.”

Congratulations to the Toronto Refinery team on this well-earned recognition!

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