Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

We are committed to implementing the most innovative ecological practices. 

Our Sustainable Agriculture Approach

Our products come from the earth and are returned to the earth.

Sugarcane is a perennial grass and regrows for many years in its crop cycle before replanting is necessary. This means once the roots take hold, they stabilize and conserve soil over many years, unlike crops that require annual land preparation.

We buy raw sugar from mills all over the world that source their own cane from different types of farms; and we also farm our own sugarcane to supply our mills in Belize and Mexico. As farmers across the world have known for generations, taking care of the land and reducing environmental impact protects resources and reduces costs in the long term. On our own farms, we strive to define and go beyond standard industry best practices.

Where we have direct control of our farmland, we invest and innovate, and where we have indirect influence, we share knowledge to support and empower our partners to make the same necessary changes. We continue to adopt best practices to care for our land and surrounding ecosystems and empower suppliers to adopt farming practices that do the same.


Within our operations in Belize and Mexico, we continue to refine our Sustainable Agriculture programming, focusing on four key areas:

  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Water Management
  • Biodiversity
  • Local Farmer Engagement, Education and Capacity Building

Mexico Agriculture Team Pilots Sustainable Farming Practice to Revitalize Soil

Our Mexico agriculture team has launched a successful trial to revitalize the soil by growing several crops simultaneously—in this case, sugarcane and legumes—on the same plot of land.