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Sustainable & Ethical Supply Chain

Our Sustainable and Ethical Supply Chain Approach

We have a duty to protect both our natural assets and the diverse communities that farm, mill and refine cane sugar all over the world.

Social responsibility is at the core of what we do. As the leading cane sugar refiner in the world, we recognize our potential social and environmental impact. We are striving to make sure all processes throughout our supply chain are conducted ethically and sustainably, with people and planet in mind.

Our goal is to only refine sustainably and ethically sourced raw sugar globally. We aim for 95% of our raw sugar to be sustainably sourced by 2035.

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Our Sustainably Sourced and Ethically Grown commitment means we aim to ensure our raw sugar comes from suppliers who are independently assessed by third-party experts against reputable, internationally recognized social standards to verify they are upholding our values.

Every step of the way, we have an opportunity to make a positive impact.  


Learn to Grow with The Hershey Co. in Belize – Mobile Application Helps Farmers Stay Alert of Pests and Weather Patterns

In Belize, the “Learn to Grow” program continued to expand on the initial successes through FY19-21. By the close of FY22, the program benefited about 2,560 farmers, monitored over 1,000 hectares of sugarcane fields for pests, reduced the use of nearly 3,000 kgs of pesticide, and saved farmers a total of $389,000.