Employee & Community Engagement

Employee & Community Engagement

We will be an employer of choice.

Our Employee and Community Engagement Approach

Caring for Our People

Our commitment to be an employer of choice is a key part of our sustainability program. We aim to drive personal, professional, and economic growth alongside social responsibility and community involvement among our workforce.

Health and Wellness

Our employee health benefits vary by region, but include incentives to complete annual physical check-ups, stop smoking, access counseling, free on-site health screenings for preventable, high-risk illnesses, mental health referral resources for employees and their family members, and free flu shots.

Health and Safety

We value the safety and wellbeing of our employees. 

Our Diversity and Inclusion Goals

We commit to being active and visible champions of diversity and inclusion, at all levels of the organization.  A diverse and inclusive workforce underpins any thriving business – and we are no different. Our people stay with us for a long time, and we want that to continue for generations to come.

Empowering Our People

We seek to empower our people by creating growth and development opportunities.

Supporting Our Communities

We are proud to support several charitable and non-profit organizations in our communities, extending our support to new partners each year. Most organizations we support have missions focused on community development, environmental stewardship, hunger relief, STEM-based education and cultural programming. We are proud that our employees share our value of making a positive difference in our communities.

Children in Africa

Helping Save the Lives of Malnourished Children in Africa through Donation

We value our ability to collaborate with organizations to help make people’s lives better.